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Welcome to Perpetual Help Multi-Purpose Cooperative!

From Savings and Credit to a Multi-Purpose Cooperative, PHCCI-MPC Tacloban has evolve into a major Financial Institution,
continously providing programs and services responsive to the needs of its member owners.

The Cooperative

PHCCI-MPC Tacloban is a cooperative financial organization owned, operated and controlled by its membership registered with the Cooperatives Development Authority (CDA).

Mission and Vision

Uplift the quality of life members and the community that we serve through effective and efficient use of financial and allied services...

Financial Performance

PHCCI-MPC Tacloban Annual Report 2017


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Our Services

PHCCI Academy

PHCCI-MPC Tacloban Academy Incorporated

imagePMTAI is located at El Reposo Street, Tacloban City is on its 12th year of operation.

The school is catering Nursery 1 - for three (3)-year old learners; Nursery 2 - for four (4) years old and Kindergarten for five (5) years old. We also offer Elementary Education Curriculum from Grades I, II, III & IV. For School Year 2017 – 2018, we will be opening Grade V. By June 2018, we will be catering Grade VI.

We also offer Summer Classes (April – May) for enhancement of pupils academic needs (Reading/Math/Writing) at a minimal rate.

The school has a 3-storey building with eight (8) air-conditioned classrooms, tiled comfort rooms with lavatory, water and light facilities, and fully structured classrooms conducive for learning.

PHCCI MPC financed the construction of our 3-storey building, 12M loan payable for 25 years with 3% interest rate (straight) per annum (9 M interest).

imageThe school started its operations in the school year 2005-2006 with only 46 pupils headed by Mrs. Virginia R. Cabugoy, as the School Principal. This school year 2016-2017, we already have 206 pupils as Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades I to IV. Our School Principal now is Mrs. Lourdes S. Creer. School Registrar is Mrs. Pureza M. Pulga. We have eight (8) teachers, all board passers and trained for K to 12 curriculum.

As the child enrolls, he pays the enrolment/entrance fees and books. He also pays for the monthly fees for ten-month period (June – March). We also give tuition fee discounts for the 2nd & 3rd enrollee-child. According to our survey, we have the lowest/cheapest tuition fees with the best quality service as compared to other private schools in Tacloban City.

The school competes several school competitions like the Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge, Declamation Contest (English Month), and Taekwondo Event (City & EVRAA Meet). We are proud to have three (3) Grade I pupils who qualified in the 2016 MetroBank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Division Level. A Grade II pupil who won a gold medal for the City Meet competition and Bronze Medal for the EVRAA Meet, Taekwondo Event for Girls. A Grade I pupil also got the 2nd place for Declamation Contest – Division Level during the Culmination of the 2016 English Month sponsored by the Retired Teachers of Tacloban City held at San Jose Central School.

Two (2) of our Grade IV pupils attended the training for Boy Scout Patrol Leaders.

The school always observes monthly activities and celebration participated by all learners, teachers and parents in our school.

For more information, call 325-6228 or visit our school at El Reposo St., Tacloban City.


In 2004, the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made a pronouncement making pre-elementary education a pre-requisite to enrolment in grade school. This has prompted the Education Committee of Perpetual Help Credit Cooperative, Inc. (PHCCI) headed by Director Francisca “Babes” Custodio to make a study on the feasibility of establishing a PHCCI Learning Center, offering an affordable quality pre-elementary education to children and relatives of PHCCI members of low income families. The proposal was presented and approved by the Board as per Resolution No. 51 Series of 2004 thru the leadership of Atty. Sionne V. Aujero-Gaspay. Thus, Perpetual Help Learning Center (PHLC) was created. It shall pursue the objectives of pre-elementary education prescribed by DepEd which aims to develop the spiritual, moral, mental and physical capabilities of the child, provide him with experiences in the democratic way of life and inculcate ideas and attitudes necessary for enlightened, patriotic, upright and useful citizenship.

The Perpetual Help Learning Center (PHLC) started its operation last June, 2005. It is a non-sectarian pre-elementary education for Nursery, Kindergarten-I and Kindergarten-II, founded on the belief that education as a process, prepares the child for academic excellence and good life, made possible by providing means for social-adjustment, morality and self-discipline. It offers the lowest school fees with quality service. The School Principal was given the responsibility to run the school in accordance to the policies of the DepEd and the objectives of the PHLC, and report directly any and all policies/procedures to be implemented for the day-to-day operation of the school and any plans for expansion and programs to the Chair of the Education Committee which serve as the link between the PHCCI Board and the committee running the school.

From 2005 to 2012 the school made a considerable increase in enrollees for its Nursery, Kindergarten One and Two Classes. The pupils from this school can compete academically, with the pupils from other private schools. Enhance training of the pupils is given to achieve academic excellence. The school provides an appraisal system as a basis for the improvement of instructional, supervisory and pupil performance. It also facilitates and accelerates teacher’s development through linkages with other agencies involved in the promotion of education and the establishment of the teacher-upgrading unit in the school.

imageGrade 1 Class was opened last June 2013. A new name “PHCCI MPC Tacloban Academy Inc.,” was granted to us by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Certificate No. CN 201326084 dated January 18, 2013. Government Permit No. 007 S. 2013 dated March 1, 2013 was awarded to us by the DepEd Region 8 Office. Our application for Government Recognition – Elementary Education Curriculum (Grades I to VI) has been approved by the DepEd Regional Office 8 per Government Permit No. 017, Series of 2014.

The Groundbreaking Ceremonies for the new three-storey building to accommodate Grade I to VI pupils and Pre-School pupils was made last August 5, 2013. We started using the newly constructed three (3) storey building for the School Year 2014 – 2015.


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