Loan Facility for Regular MembersKoop Kolek

You can now pay your loan dues anywhere you are in the Philippines. With the PHCCI Koop Kolek facility, you can pay your loans over-the-counter at any branch of the Philippine National Bank (PNB) nationwide. And, you can even deposit to your savings and share capital thru PNB. How?

  • Go to any PNB branch and fill out a Deposit/Bills Payment Slip
  • Place the date and check the Payment box.
  • Write the name of Perpetual Help Credit Cooperative or PHCCI as the merchant.
  • By referring to your Amortization Schedule/ Statement of Account/ Account Summary, copy the
    Reference Number of your loan or deposit. Each loan or deposit has a separate Reference
    Number. If you have several loans, you need to fill-out a separate Bills Payment Slip for each loan.
    If you want to deposit to your savings and fixed, you should fill out two separate Bills Payment Slips.
  • Make sure to re-check the Reference Number. It should be in 19-digits. A wrong Reference Number
    will not be accepted by the PNB System.
  • Place your name or the payor's name
  • Affix your signature
  • Put the amount in words you want to pay or deposit plus a P15 service charge. Mark check (/) the
    cash/check box portion.
  • Indicate the amount in figures.
  • Pay at the teller of the PNB. Present your Amortization Schedule/Statement of Account /Account Summary.
  • Get hold a copy of your validated slip.
  • Your loan or deposit at PHCCI will now be automatically updated.