Savings Deposit for Regular MembersSavings Deposit for Associate Members

Regular Savings

  • Initial deposit of P1,000.00
  • Minimum amount of P1,000.00 to gain interest
  • 1.25% interest rate per annum
  • Withdrawable anytime

Time Deposit

  • Minimum deposit of P1,000.00
  • Interest of 4.19% for amount below P900,000.00
  • Interest of 4.44% for amount P900,000.00 and above
  • Can be pre-terminated

Fixed Deposit or Share Capital

  • Minimum deposit of P1,200.00
  • Gauranteed dividend per annum

Cash Encashment Facility (CAEF)

  • Minimum deposit of P2,000.00 for individual members
  • Minimum deposit of P5,000.00 for community group members
  • 2.25% interest rate per annum
  • Withdrawn only in PHCCI

ATM Savings

  • Minimum deposit of P200.00
  • Can be withdrawn in any BANCNET and NATIONLINK affiliated banks